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Royal medcare centre has a good mix of different specialties offering care to a wide range of patients care involves more than good medicines. Our centers facilities have been designed to create a holistic environment that harness light and nature ton evoke a sense of well being here patients can expect the highest level of medical care and recovery in an atmosphere of utmost comfort.

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We have a dedicated team of obstetricians and gynecologists offering a wide range of services. From pre-pregnancy care to childbearing and post-menopausal care, there is a solution for all health concerns a woman experiences during these stages. Royal Medcare Centre is a Centre for Excellence in Obstetrics & Gynaecology and special care for infertility solutions. The Department have Well equipped labour room with :Contineous foetal monitoring, colour Doppler scanning, 3D/4D scanning, CTG, painless labour. Infertility Unit Systematic evaluation and individualized…



The Department of Neurology at Royal Medcare Centre is committed to provide the utmost patient care. The neurology experts at our neurology centre offer a detailed and comprehensive consultation, evaluation, clinical diagnostic studies and neurological treatment at the international standards. We offer specialized treatment programs for the following neurological disorders: Stroke Epilepsy Headache, Migraine & Pain Back pain & Neck pain Muscle and Nerve diseases Multiple sclerosis and other demyelinating disease Movement disorders and Parkinson’s disease Infections of the Nervous…



This department is often considered the backbone of the hospital. Royal Medcare Centre has most modern ICU with ventilators, ABG MACHINE, multipara monitors. The department has developed several speciality services like haemotology ,diabetes, critical care and also gives awareness for HIV infection and endocrinic disorders and adult immunization. Services offered Evaluation and management of all Medical Emergencies Evaluation and management of multisystem diseases Critical care, ICU care and Ventilator care Diagnosis , treatment and follow up of Diabetes, Hypertension, Lipid…



The department of pediatrics in Royal Medcare Centre provide comprehensive health care service for children and adolescents below the age of 15 we offer a multidisciplinary approach to care with expert pediatric specialists as a team along with experts in other specialties The consultants here have a vast experience in almost every sub –specialty of pediatric medicine and provide tertiary health care to all pediatric patients CLINICAL SERIVICES General Paediatrics We provide comprehensive primary care to children from birth through…



In response to a push for more "natural" birth events, Royal Medcare Centre now offer more modern options for low-risk births, often known as family-centered care. These may include private rooms with baths (birthing suites) where women can labor, deliver, and recover in one place without having to be moved. Although a doctor and medical staff are still present, the rooms are usually set up to create a nurturing environment, with warm, soothing colors and features that try to simulate…



This is designed to explore and treat the underlying causes of infertility, resulting in a successful pregnancy and healthy baby. Our team of Consultants, Embryologists, Nurses and professional support is dedicated to providing personalized treatment for our patients and to build on our consistently high results. We are now able to offer the most advanced technology available to patients. Fertility care is an exciting new concept in reproductive health care. It is a holistic medical system that empowers women and…

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01th Jan 1970


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